Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is has ended in February 2024.

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BigPicture 8.2.0 Release Notes

Version Overview

BigPicture embedded in Jira projects 

BigPicture is now embedded in your Jira projects and accessible directly from the project menu bar. You can view your Jira projects in BigPicture without even opening the app.  

Switch between modules and views truly friction-free

No more page reloading when switching between different modules and views of BigPicture. You can now navigate the app faster and more smoothly. 

Edit inline dates across all key modules

Modify all dates associated with your work items in no time. Now, you can edit inline dates in all BigPicture modules. No more digging in Jira issue detail pages to modify timeframes, deadlines, and other time-related parameters.

Custom Reports and Templates Available for All Users

Create custom reports and use reporting templates in BigPicture. Custom reports - until now available only for BigPicture Enterprise users - are entering the functional scope of BigPicture. You can now easily configure your charts and use predefined reporting templates.    

Go beyond your standard charts and graphs - enrich your reports with cross-initiative team dependency diagrams and comprehensive risk matrices. See more to make better-informed decisions.

Ensure the right skills are in place

Required skills in BigPicture can be synced with Jira fields. You can assign skills to tasks in bulk, automate skill distribution, and filter issues by skills required for accomplishment, and be sure the data is up to date both in BigPicture and your Jira.

Full consistency across platforms

Integration with Tempo on Jira Cloud  - Jira Cloud users can now sync BigPicture with Tempo - a leading time tracking app. Until recently only available for Data Center and Server customers.  

BigPicture Gadgets available on Jira Cloud - Handy BigPicture gadgets are now available for Jira Cloud users. You can view your key management data right in the Jira dashboard.

List of changes

CategoryFeature descriptionSneak peek

Cloud (hosting unification)

Integration with Tempo on Jira Cloud

All gadgets + a new Roadmap Gadget available on Cloud

Navigation and operations

BigPicture embedded in Jira projects

BigPicture is now embedded in your Jira projects and accessible directly from the project menu bar. You can view your Jira projects in BigPicture without even opening the app.  

Dates inline editing 

Change the start/end  

Available in Gantt, Scope, Board, Risks, and Calendar modules.

Required skills synced with a Jira field

Synchronization with the "labels" field makes it possible to:

  • execute bulk changes through Jira → you can handle multiple issues at the same time and assign/remove required skills
  • Search for tasks → skill information can be used in Jira searches
  • automate skill assignment → you can use 3rd party add-on's such as Script Runner or Power Scripts

App configuration

Moved from Jira administration and incorporated into App navigation

Overview module 

Aggregations calculated for all Boxes (sub-Boxes included)

Markers available on the timeline

Gantt module 

Enhanced dependencies management

  • Broken dependencies (indicated)
  • Inert dependencies (indicated)
  • Dependency description
  • ASAP mode - during dependency creation you can use an ALT hotkey to turn the ASAP mode on/off

Basic tasks visible after filters have been applied

Scope module

New task creation + Task templates available

You can add new tasks in the Scope module, just like in the Gantt and Board modules.

Board module

View (more cards displayed in a single row)

Consistent task filters

Filters have been moved - the view is now consistent with other modules. 

Resources module

Coloring rules 

Color coding in the Resources module (capacity, workload) is adjustable

  • agile approach - max 75% utilization
  • classic approach - max 100% utilization

BigPicture Enterprise only

Daily capacity details

You can easily check how the resource capacity is calculated. 

Task details resize option

You can adjust the size of a details pop-up box making work easier.

Overload is shown by 0 capacity

Useful when:

  • "Incorrect" allocation of the resource to the project (availability of a team member is not matched with his task assignment)
  • Tasks are assigned to a Resource that has a long absence (e.g. sick leave, maternity leave, etc.)
  • A Team has no members

Resource capacity exceeds 100% warning

In case a sum of all availabilities in all teams in all boxes exceeds 100%, a warning for such a resource is displayed in the Resources module and Teams module.

Reports module

BigPicture Enterprise isn't needed to customize reports

New reports types:

  • Risk matrix
  • Team Dependencies
  • Cross-Box Dependencies

Date filtering 

Report data can be taken from a specified period. 

Cross module features

Read-only access during full-sync

Data isn't hidden during a synchronization process - this provides you with faster access to data while the sync is taking place.

Box switcher: simplified list of favorite items

Clear and simplified navigation - only the item itself is shown. The parent and child elements remain hidden (not just greyed out). 


Skills page redesigned

Filtering and sorting options have been added.

Team memberships view

You can check resource team assignment across the entire app. 

  • cross-project resource allocation report
  • filtering options available

App configuration

Box auto-archiving

The App can automatically archive the Boxes you no longer use - archived Boxes are hidden by default. We provide you with the possibility to automatically archive any Boxes holding completed initiatives without having to go through a manual process. Especially if you have a large BigPicture instance and substantial numbers of users and tasks this can help to offload Jira and BigPicture working memory and will translate into faster loading times. 

Technical user selection

Changes are no longer made by an anonymous user - the ‘Technical user selector’ feature provides more visibility into updates done by the tool during auto-scheduling and field synchronization. The selected technical user (for example, a Jira user you have created and named "BigPicture") will be listed as the user making changes to your tasks, instead of an anonymous user (Jira Server fallback user).

Scheduled data sync

As Jira does not always notify about changes (for example no events are triggered when a project is removed) the new mechanism assures that the scope of your work is always up to date.

Performance profiling report

Performance profiling report (available for Jira server) - this new feature Jira Admins the possibility to analyze Jira and BigPicture memory load resulting from operations being conducted by the application at any given time. This improves troubleshooting capabilities at the BigPicture Support Team and helps solve much faster any performance problems that may occasionally be experienced by the clients.

Onboarding tours toggle on/off

Retired features

  • Risks - Risk table - inline editing of Assignee
  • WBS widget - show the full scope
  • App configuration - story points suggestions
  • Hardcoded date format (to be fixed in nearest hotfix)

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