BigPicture 8.34.0

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Release dateJun 3, 2024

Our team is thrilled to announce the latest release of BigPicture, version 8.34.


New “sub-box” built-in field

The new field can be added to column and card views. The field contains the names of the lower level boxes in which the task is located.

add a sub-box field to your view.mp4

The field displays the name of the box one level down.

The sub-box field lets you group tasks based on sub-boxes tasks are in (you can group tasks by timeboxes, such as sprints and iterations):



Filtered results can include the child items

gantt module scope module

When filters are active, you can see not only the tasks that match your criteria, but also tasks nested under them. Use the “Show all children tasks in results” option to display all descendant tasks.

Filters are available in the Resources module of a portfolio box

Resources module

You can use filters in the Resources module of a portfolio box (none scope box). Portfolio boxes don’t have their own scope and display information from boxes nested in them.


Timebox name is visible above the timeline

gantt module resources module

You can display timebox information above the timeline. Timeboxes are now identified by name (instead of their ID).


Team code suggested during team creation

When you create a new BigPicture team, a team code is suggested. You can change the value of the team code field as needed.

  • If the team name is one word, the first two letters are used

  • If the team name is more than one word, the first letter from each word up to 3 letters is used

Team availability unit displayed

% sign has been added to the Availability field to indicate the value represents a percentage of a resource capacity (based on workload plans, holiday plans and absences) and NOT a number of hours.

Tooltips and in-app help

Dependency type information is available during dependency creation

gantt module

Scheduling mode tooltip

gantt module

Tooltip has been added to the:

  • task details pop-up

  • right-click menu

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