Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) has ended in February 2024.

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BigPicture 8.15.0 Release Notes


Feature description

Sneak peek


Feature description

Sneak peek

Migration (JCMA)

BigTemplate can be migrated using JCMA.


When the “Start date” field is synchronized with “Start date” and the “End date” field is synchronized with “End date”:

  • Changes made to the start and end dates resize a task.

When the “Start date” field is synchronized with “Original Estimate” and the “End date” field is synchronized either to “Original Estimate” or “Time Spent + Remaining Estimate”:

  • Changes made to the end date resize the task.

  • Changes made to the start date move the task. The scheduling mechanism moves a task and does NOT change the duration of a task.

Board module

The purple color of dependencies means that the target task is out-of-view. 

Task period alignment

The "Task period alignment" section is redesigned. The "Precise alignment" option is available only for sequential boxes with sub-scope.


The flow of deleting a skill is redesigned. You can remove skills along with their connections to resources or tasks. 

When you click the "Delete" button, you are informed if a skill is assigned to any resources or tasks. Once you confirm the removal, a skill that was related to any resources or tasks is deleted from those resources and tasks.


Basic tasks are included when using the date filter and in the export with date range.

Search box

There is a switcher for JQL/TEXT search.

The colors of icons are adjusted:

The icon changes its color to red if the JQL query typed is incorrect.

Dependencies (soft links)

Links marked as soft (go to dependency configuration to check the link mapping) can be used as structure builders.

Overview module

The "Closed date" column provides a possibility to compare the end date to the date of actual closing (changing the status to "Closed").

The column is not inline-editable and has the same aggregations as other types of the Date type i.e. None, Minimum, Maximum.


Change the width of the "Group" column when grouping tasks.

You can see the Gantt timeline with months and week numbers simultaneously.

New zoom steps on the Gantt timeline:

  1. 2 weeks (min)

  2. 1 month

  3. 1 quarter

  4. 6 months

  5. 1 year

  6. 2 years

  7. 4 years (max)

An empty tab "Gantt" is removed from App Configuration > Modules.

Initiate a new dependency by dropping a dependency on the taskbar or on a dependency dot of a target task. A dot and half of a taskbar pulsate indicating that a dependency can be created. 

When upgrading Jira to version 9, you will see a screen informing you that the data migration was successful and now you should update BigPicture to a version compatible with Jira 9.

Interface (color themes)

The color themes are no longer available.

  • The color theme picker is removed from the "My settings" drop-down menu.

  • The "Accent color" section is removed from the "Preferences" page.

Reports module

You cannot see a report if it includes tasks you do not have access to.

Public API

Two endpoints are added to public API:

  • Get the field definition of a Box

  • Get selected fields of a Box