BigPicture 8.11.0 Release Notes

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Migration (JCMA)

BigPicture migration is compatible with JCMA.

With the Atlassian JCMA tool, you can migrate selected projects or divide the migration process into a few stages. It is possible to:

  • Migrate Jira and the BigPicture plugin to Jira Cloud. 

  • Migrate only Jira without the BigPicture plugin to Jira Cloud. 

Outline level field

Outline level built-in field - Sequential index display option added

The sequential index (in a column view) informs you of the task position in the WBS (similar to the notation of the table of contents in the book). The field reflects the current position of a task and isn't permanently assigned to it. 

App language switcher


As we re-design the translation process to address users' feedback, we are going to temporarily hide the App language switcher on the "My profile" page (beginning with BigPicture 8.11).