BigPicture 8.12.0 Release Notes


Feature description

Sneak peek


Feature description

Sneak peek

Timeboxes  (Resources module)

You can visualize timeboxes (Program Increments, Iterations) on a timeline.

Timebox option is available under the "View" icon.

You can use timeboxes to aggregate data.

Click on a timebox (in the header row) to activate the aggregation. 

Note: If box periods overlap the timebox aggregation is not available.

Representations of timebox aggregation periods are visible when timeboxes haven't been created for a given period

(Board module)

Undo button is available on the Board module

You can undo the following actions:

  • task planned from backlog to board

  • task re-planned on board (column or team changed)

The Undo button is grayed out by default. It becomes available when the user performs an action that can be undone. Performing an undo operation OR reloading the page makes the Undo button grayed out again.


You can create a dependency (Gantt module) when dependencies are collapsed (arrows hidden) 

Snipe to task

Snipe to task is available in the backlog of a Board module

Snipe to task highlights all search results

Snipe to task:

  • highlights all items matching the search (the currently selected task is highlighted with a darker color) 

  • expands the task tree to make them visible


Scope definition access
(Risks module)

Easy access to scope definition 

When the scope definition is empty (undefined box scope), you can't add an existing issue to the Risk matrix. You need to define the box scope first.  

A link in the message provides direct access to the scope definition of a box.