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BigPicture 8.20.0 Release Notes


Feature description

Sneak peek


Feature description

Sneak peek

Box archiving

Sequential own scope boxes are NOT automatically archived.

This lets you create boxes ahead of time in the planning stage.

Currently, automatic archiving applies to:

  • all none scope boxes (such as “Portfolio”)

  • all sub-scope boxes (such as “Iteration” and “Program Increment”)

  • own scope boxes that are NOT sequential (overlapping of box periods is allowed for a box type)




Marker counter has been added

When multiple markers have the same date a number counter is present. Clicking on the counter shows the markers list. Counter has a color of the marker.



A direct shortcut to the Resources module has been added to the Resources panel of the Gantt module.


‘Back to module’ button has been added to App Configuration and App Administration.

The button redirects you to the last viewed box module.