Archiving Boxes


When a Box is no longer being used, it can be archived. Use this function if there are many Boxes in the App that are not in use anymore – it might significantly improve the performance of the App. 

An archived Box will be by default hidden in the Overview module making it easier to manage your current work without it getting in the way. Aggregations are no longer calculated for such a Box.

Archiving Boxes


Box admin can manually Archive a Box in the Overview module.

A success message will appear after a Box is archived:

Only the "Own" scope and "None" scope Boxes can be manually archived/restored. Relevant sub-Boxes are automatically archived with the parent - archiving the parent automatically archives all its children. 


  • Boxes have to be archived in functional clusters. You can't archive a parent Box with "Own" scope if it has "sub-scope" child Boxes that are still active.

  • You can't archive a context Box (a Box you are currently in)

  • Root Box (Home Box of the App) cannot be archived


When enabled, the App will check if any user has used a given Box or any of its sub-Boxes within a specified number of days. If the whole cluster of Boxes has not been used, they will all be automatically archived.

Auto Box archiving is enabled by default. Rules regarding automatic archiving of Boxes can be defined and changed in App configuration > Modules >Overview


  1. Closed Boxes are not automatically archived. If one box in a cluster is "closed" none of the Boxes can be archived, since they need to get archived simultaneously.

  2. The auto-archiving feature is NOT applied to sequential boxes with the own scope type. 

Synchronization and scheduling of tasks

Task is only in archived Boxes
(ALL Boxes that contain the task are "archived")

Task is in at least one active Box

Task is only in archived Boxes
(ALL Boxes that contain the task are "archived")

Task is in at least one active Box


task is NOT synchronized

task is synchronized


scheduling block → task period is unaffected by scheduling rules

task period adjusts according to scheduling rules

Viewing Archived Boxes

Archived Boxes can be viewed in the Overview module after the view settings have been adjusted.

Archived Boxes are greyed out (Timeline and Hierarchy mode). 

You can also add an Archived column the view:

Archived Boxes have a label (in the Kanban mode).

Archived Boxes have a label when you access them from a Jira project.

In Box switcher, archived Boxes are greyed out and marked with an icon:

You can hide/show them using a filter

Restoring Boxes

Boxes have to be restored manually in the "Overview" module:

  • Once you restore an archived box, all its sub-Boxes are restored as well and the aggregations are re-calculated. 

  • On the Overview module, you can't restore Boxes, if their parent Box is still Archived. The Restore button is disabled.

Archived box limitations

Once a box is archived, the aggregations can no longer be calculated and the box will not bring any valuable business information. 

If a task belongs only to Boxes that are archived or closed, then that task has a scheduling block placed on it. 

Box configuration can't be accessed. Box attributes can't be edited; inline editing of box column values is disabled.