Getting started


The video presents a quick overview of BigPicture.

BigPicture is the leading Portfolio, Product, and Project Management application for Atlassian Jira. It gives managers unprecedented clarity of information, helps them neatly visualize roadmaps of even the most complex initiatives, smartly distribute workload and allocate resources, efficiently coordinates teams' work, quickly reports progress, and ensures perfect strategy-to-execution alignment at all levels. 

The system supports agile (SAFe® included), classic, and hybrid management methodologies and allows for their free combination at the portfolio level. BigPicture is the go-to PPM solution for any forward-thinking organization before, during, or after digital transformation.

BigPicture integrates smoothly with Jira, Trello, Confluence, and more. Your teams can keep using their preferred tools while you get a vantage point view of what's happening.

BigPicture Enterprise is an expansion pack for our BigPicture that allows you to set up an unlimited number of configurable templates, rename modules, create an unlimited number of scenarios, use workload contouring in all modes (including the manual distribution), and set up Tempo integration. Additionally, BigPicture Enterprise comes with a set of pre-configured templates that make various methodologies (such as LeSS and SAFe®) much more accessible.

Screenshot of BigPicture on the Atlassian marketplace page.


BigGantt is one of the most potent timeline and road-mapping apps for Atlassian Jira. Thanks to its slick, intuitive user interface combined with a host of data visualization and management tools, BigGantt makes planning, monitoring, and managing work with Jira easy and efficient.

BigGantt integrates smoothly with Jira, Trello, Confluence, and more. Your teams can use their preferred tools while you get a view of what's happening.

Screenshot of BigGantt on the Atlassian marketplace page.

Install BigPicture/BigGantt

The Initial configuration article outlines the essential steps to use BigPicture/BigGantt and provides guidance and best practices on the most common use cases.

We recommend installing the App using Atlassian's Universal Plugin Manager. This tool always installs the latest version and the one compatible with your Jira instance.

To install BigPicture:

  1. Log in to Jira using an admin account.

  2. Go to Jira Administration > Manage Apps > Find new apps.

  3. Search for BigPicture.

Manual installation

If your instance is not connected to the Internet or you want to test a specific version, visit the Atlassian marketplace to see all available versions.

Be careful when choosing the version for your Jira instance! When sure, click on the desired version to expand its row. Then, click Download on the right.

The only thing left is to upload the file to Jira:

  1. Go to Jira Administration > Add-ons > Manage apps.

  2. Select Upload app on the right.

  3. Upload the file.

  4. To confirm, click Upload.

Upgrade to BigPicture 8

Due to numerous new features and redesign of existing ones, such as the latest security roles or task database structure, the upgrade might take some time. This depends mainly on the number of items synchronized in the App's Programs. Therefore, it is essential to book enough time as the App will not be usable during the upgrade.

Initial steps after installation

Onboarding steps in BigPicture

The onboarding screens depend on the user’s role. The steps below show the process for the first Jira admin (new user).

  1. After you enter BigPicture for the first time, the welcome screen opens.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Answer a few questions.

  4. Set a correct field mapping.

  5. Adjust proper security settings to give other users access.

    You can either give access to every Jira user or limit it to specific groups and individual users. Having access means that a user can administer BigPicture app and every box in it.
    Learn more about security on the Security configuration page.

  6. You are all set and ready to go with BigPicture.