Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) has ended in February 2024.

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BigPicture 8.6.0 Release Notes

Change log in Gantt module

See and understand the history of changes made in your Gantt charts

Coordinating complex initiatives is becoming way easier. Now, you can track every change in every work item’s dates and date ranges and immediately understand the situation. The log is available in the Gantt module, but it reflects date changes made in other modules of BigPicture too.

Undo option in the Gantt module

Reverse changes easily. Now, date and date range changes that you apply by drag-and-drop moving or resizing items on your Gantt chart can be easily reversed by clicking the Undo button. The button gets activated whenever you carry out an action that can be reversed. Convenient, isn’t it?

Hide greyed-out tasks in Gantt and Board modules

Manage tasks on Gantt and Board modules with greater clarity. Be it agile management of agile initiatives in the Board module or classic projects on Gantt, now you can achieve a neat, informative view by hiding all irrelevant (filter-based greyed-out) items.

Bulk-moving tasks on Gantt

This UI improvement is here to save you a lot of time when editing your Gantt charts. You can move multiple items at once and they will all get updated in line with the system’s scheduling rules. Fewer repetitive actions - more time for actual management.

In-line editing of individual resources

Assign tasks to individual resources directly in BigPicture columns and task-detail cards using in-line editing.

Cross-portfolio resource allocation view 

Monitor resource allocation across your entire portfolio. Spotting over and under-allocation of resources is becoming way easier, even if you run massive portfolios of initiatives. Now, you can display workloads and the capacity of individuals and teams across the portfolio - right in the Resources module.

BigPicture Enterprise

Sync BigPicture Teams with Jira Groups

Keeping your BigPicture teams up-to-date is becoming truly seamless as you can sync the teams with relevant Jira groups and get them updated automatically.

New report - Capacity per period

Smartly report on resource capacity using the new enterprise report type. Extend your reporting dashboard with resource capacity data. You can report on the capacity of specific users, teams, or skills… and be sure the data is always accurate.


Feature description

Sneak peek


Feature description

Sneak peek

Navigation and layout

Navigating to scope definition 

When there's nothing to display, splash screens in the modules (Gantt, Scope, Board, Resources, Calendar) provide direct access to scope definition.

Scope definition

The "Manually Added Tasks" section is available only when it contains at least one task.

Scope module - "Delete" button (viewer permissions limitations)

The "delete" button on the Scope module is hidden for the Box viewer.

Scope module - drag-and-drop (viewer permissions limitations)

The drag-and-drop option is not available to the Box viewer, as they are not allowed to change the task structure.

Scope module - column aggregations (viewer permissions expanded)

Box viewer can change aggregations column aggregations.

Risks module - risk matrix view settings

Risks matrix view settings are saved per user. The same settings are propagated to all the boxes a user has access to. 


Tasks in the "auto top-down" period mode are scheduled on Working Days

The app recognizes weekends and other days off and moves a task to accommodate them. 


Gantt module - greyed-out tasks can be hidden

When you apply filters, the Gantt tasks structure can be displayed as a flat structure, where parent (greyed) tasks are hidden.

Board module - greyed-out tasks can be hidden

Backlog of the Board module -  task structure can be displayed as a flat structure, where parent (greyed) tasks are hidden.

Critical path

The Critical Path does not include tasks that are not immediate neighbors

  • The path is calculated from the end (the last task(s) in the project)

  • The algorithm works backward looking for strong links connecting tasks

  • The most direct path (without a time gap between tasks) is highlighted

  • A gap between tasks is allowed only if an ASAP link has "lag time" added

Scope cloning 

Original estimate values are copied during the cloning process

Scope definition

Task structure - templates

You can select a task structure template:

  • Agile

  • Agile (multiple projects)

  • Release

Custom settings are still available. 

Task structure - manual changes

Clear just the changes that were manually made to the task structure. The structure that was based on the structure builders is not affected. 

RETIRED - Manually removed tasks section no longer available

Manually removed task → task moved from one Box with scope type set to "Own" to another with the scope type also set to "Own."

Moving a task between different own scopes is not possible - drag and drop is disabled on the Board module.

The manually removed tasks section was removed from the scope definition screen. Existing manually removed tasks are still in effect).