Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) has ended in February 2024.

Are you planning a migration to Cloud? Make sure you don't lose your BigPicture data/configurations in the process. Check out this page for information on how to migrate BigPicture's data to Cloud. If you have any questions please email

App widget


The App widget allows access to the app directly from a Jira project.

Screenshot of the BigPicture widget from the Jira project's context.


Creating a matching box is allowed when a user meets the combination of the two permission conditions:

  • The user must have permission to create boxes under the root box in BigPicture (App admin or sub-box creator).

  • The user is a Jira admin or Jira project admin.

You can use BigPicture directly from the Jira project screen when the relationship between a box and a Jira project is simple - the scope of a box is the exact match to a project, and only the project (no other filters, boards, or projects are in scope. The Narrow down option is allowed.

Screenshot of the Scope definition page in the BigPicture widget.

When the own scope box is a perfect match, child boxes with sub-scope can also be managed directly from Jira.

Boxes that do not meet the preconditions (aren't a match for a project) are not shown in the box switcher (unless they are sub-boxes of a matching box).

A project can potentially be in multiple boxes with this simple matching setup.

Access existing boxes

To access existing boxes:

  1. Go to a Jira project page.

  2. Click the App icon on the left.

  3. The App view will be displayed if a matching box is found. 

A project, or even part of the project, can be in more than one box. Only the simple 1:1 matches are detected; therefore, if some tasks are in a box with a more complex scope definition, you may not be aware of this fact.

A simple match will be shown. When no simple direct matches are found, you are presented with a screen to create a box.


The Box switcher is at the top. It allows you to navigate the box structure, including sub-boxes. 

Modules and operations

You can access the full module directly from a Jira project page. Use the module dropdown to switch between modules.

Create a box

To create a box, you must have sufficient permissions within the App.

If a perfect match box already exists, you won't be allowed to create one. 

If no perfect match box has been detected for a project, you are given the possibility to create it:

  • New box name = project name.

  • Nested directly under the home (root) box in the App (you can later move it if needed).

Select a box type - available options depend on your box type setup. Only own scope boxes can be selected (BigPicture Enterprise users may see multiple options since they don't have a limit for how many box types can be created).

When you click on a box type, you will see the list of modules that will be automatically active (module settings can be changed after a box has been created).

Click Start working to create a perfect match box.

The box is ready. You can create timeboxes to subdivide the scope further and change the box configuration to match your needs best.


Requirements for box types used to create a matching box in the context of a Jira Project:

Go to BigPicture

To go to BigPicture:

  1. Click the BigPicture icon at the top left to be taken to the App. You will be taken to the Home Box (Root Box). 

  2. Use the box switcher to go directly to a selected box (open a box link in a new tab, for example, by right-clicking on an item).


A new box can't be created

If you want to create a box using a particular box type and can't find it on the list of available options, box type settings don't meet one or more of the conditions outlined above. 

Missing permissions

Make sure to verify the App and box permissions and roles.