BigPicture 8.26.0 Release Notes


Feature description

Sneak peek


Feature description

Sneak peek

Column Views

Adjust the column width to fit its contents (Gantt module, Scope module)

Double-click on the right edge of a column header to automatically adjust the column width to fit the content:

  • widen the column to display the full content

  • narrow down the column to optimize the use of column space

Auto-adjust the column




Skills are listed in alphabetical order

When assigning a skill to a user, skills in the dropdown are listed in alphabetical order.



Filters (Risks module)

When filters are being executed, a loading progress indicator appears (Risks module)

The loading bar helps you know that the filter is being executed.

Organize tasks

You can organize tasks using working days, calendar days, and skills.

Reorder tasks using the built-in field values:

  • duration working days

  • duration calendar days

  • skills

Note: The columns have to be visible to make the operation possible (sorting is based on active columns)


Add box (Overview module)

The cursor is greyed out to indicate a box cannot be created (Overview module)

When you cannot create a Box, the cursor changes to indicate the action is not possible.

Scale to fit

“Scale to fit” is disabled when the box is empty or tasks don’t have dates

When none of box tasks have dates, or a task(s) without dates is selected, the “Scale to fit“ button is disabled.