BigPicture 8.10.0 Release Notes

CategoryFeature descriptionSneak peek
Task structure

When more than one link-based structure builder is active, you are prompted to select which link should be created (when you are making changes to the task tree). 


Filter boxes based on the value of the following columns:

  • Budget
  • Actual cost/ Estimated cost
  • Description
  • Custom columns

Note: you can only filter using currently visible columns

Snipe feature added to the Scope module. 

Using the snipe feature automatically expands the task structure to make the result visible. 

The snipe feature expands the task structure to ensure the search results are visible. 

Grouping functionality is available on the Scope module

Live Sync

Live Sync is available in the Scope module

You can activate live sync for the Scope module. Changes in the values of the task fields will always be up-to-date (without the need to manually refresh a page). You can decide how often values will be updated.

Task detail view
(Jira server and Jira data center only)

The "task detail view" is available in the side panel (Scope module) 

Previously, this functionality was present in the "Data" dropdown.

Note: unavailable on Jira cloud.

New build-in field

Outline level

Outline level displays a level of a parent on which a task is 

SynchronizationScope module - you can manually trigger resynchronization (requires Box Admin or Box Editor security role)


Gantt chart navigation 

When using a touchpad, you can scroll vertically and horizontally at the same time.