BigPicture 8.30.0 Release Notes


Feature description

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Feature description

Sneak peek


Baseline permissions

Box Admin can select who can create, edit, and delete baselines:

  • Box Admin

  • Box Admin and Box Editor

Box Admin can block baselines from being changed by Box Editors. Box editor and viewer can still display the baselines.

Baseline permission settings can be changed in the Box configuration.


Baseline versioning (BigPicture Enterprise only)

You can create up to 20 baselines per box. Keeping multiple baseline versions can be useful for comparing planning objectives that may have changed during a project. You can display two baselines at the time (current baseline + one historic baseline)

Restore baselines

Restore a historic baseline - when you restore a baseline, a historic baseline becomes a current baseline. Actual dates of tasks are not affected.

Baseline colors

Current baseline is grey. Historic versions can be assigned colors.


Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 15.26.20.png


Scope definition

Jira boards used for automatic timebox creation are automatically added to scope of a box

When you use create automatic timeboxes based on Jira sprints, the Jira board is added to the scope of a box to ensure all elements from a board are included in a box.


Find the perfect match

When all options are equally good, “Find the perfect match“ can propose up to 5 suggestions.