App configuration

Access App configuration

Only a Jira administrator can access this page. 

There are four ways to access App configuration:

Method 1 - "." (dot) context

If BigPicture is a Jira add-on, you can use the Jira "." shortcut to access the BigPicture configuration.

  1. Press the "." (dot) key shortcut.

  2. The operations dialogue opens.

    Screenshot of the operations dialogue in Jira.


  3. Type in BigPicture to narrow down results.

  4. Click on BigPicture configuration to go directly to the App settings in Jira.

    Screenshot of the operations dialogue in Jira.

Method 2 - App settings (wrench icon)

  1. Open BigPicture.

  2. Click the wrench icon located at the top right of every box.

  3. Select one of the tabs under App configuration.

Method 3 - App drop-down menu

  1. Select App configuration from the BigPicture drop-down menu at the top.

Method 4 - Jira administration drop-down menu

  1. Click the Jira cog icon at the top right.

  2. Select Apps from the list.


  3. Navigate to BigPicture configuration.

Available sections 

The App configuration section in BigPicture consists of various tabs.

On the next pages, you’ll find more information for each tab.