Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) has ended in February 2024.

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Required skills field

The Required Skills value can be synchronized with a Jira field.

Default field - Labels (labels)

General vs. custom configuration 

Field mapping can be configured per Jira project.

Custom synchronization settings are on the right. Settings are created per a Jira project (not per Box).

Not synchronized

Skills data is stored only in the app. 

Synchronization with a "labels" field

All fields of type "label" are supported.

Synchronization with the "labels" field makes it possible to:

  • execute bulk changes → you can handle multiple issues at the same time and assign/remove skills

  • Search for tasks → skill information can be used in Jira searches

  • automate skill assignment → you can use 3rd party add-ons such as Script Runner and Adaptavist

Bi-directional sync

You can update the skill details in the way that you find most convenient:

  • When you add/remove a skill, a matching value is added as a label.

  • When you add/remove a label, a matching skill is added. 

Naming convention

skill#skillname → skill labels always start with "skill#," making it easy to find and add an appropriate label. Spaces between words are replaced by "_" underscore signs. 


You can't create a new required skill using a "labels" field. 

The app can only recognize skills that already exist in Administration > Skills.

If a user adds a skill label when no corresponding skill exists in the app, the label behaves like a standard Jira label. Retroactively adding the skill to the app won't trigger the processing of tasks that already have labels.