Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) has ended in February 2024.

Are you planning a migration to Cloud? Make sure you don't lose your BigPicture data/configurations in the process. Check out this page for information on how to migrate BigPicture's data to Cloud. If you have any questions please email

BigPicture 8.18.2 Release notes

Release date: 2023-09-21


For rollback purposes, please back up your database before starting the upgrade process or test the new BigPicture version on an isolated environment

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Change log - Opening the Change history tab with more than 1000 records on Oracle DB throws an error

  • Overview - Hierarchy order gets messed up after dragging and dropping a Box to its parent, even if the sorting is not manual

  • Lack of event for quick filters - search JQL/text

  • Plan delays report doesn’t include basic tasks

  • The user can not create a Jira task under a Basic task

  • Statistics



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