I need a reset!

Context: An organization is experiencing ping-pong issues between different internal teams, and the Change Manager wants to reset SLAs when a ticket lands in their queues.

User Problem: As a Change Manager, I want to reset the SLA counters when a change request is assigned to CAB so that the team can be shielded from internal impediments such as re-assigning issues multiple times or time spent in other teams’ queues.

Solution: Using Time to SLA’s built-in reset menu!

Within Time to SLA, you can use the Reset function to define the conditions under which a running SLA will be reset and restarted. If the SLA has started but not yet ended, the reset action will restart the SLA. In this case, the start time will be set to the current time and the elapsed duration will be reset to zero.

Examine the various options available on the Time to SLA's Reset menu. Here are a few examples: