SLA Recalculation Overview

This page is about Time to SLA for Jira Cloud. Using Jira On-Prem? Click the On-Prem button above.

After installing Time to SLA and defining your SLAs, the plugin will start calculating when issues change. However, you may also want to see the SLA history on your existing issues, in which case the SLA recalculation tool will be useful.

When should you use recalculation?

  • If you’ve defined a new SLA and want to see it in your old issues,

  • If you have made changes in the configurations of the existing SLAs and you want them to be active in your old issues, you should either write the scope of the issue or directly select the SLA, and run the recalculation.

Doing this will prevent any errors from occurring in your existing issues.

On this page, you can recalculate SLA data for issues created before a new SLA definition, update existing SLA data within issues after making changes to SLA definitions, and repair corrupt SLA data.

  1. SLA Recalculation – Click to access the recalculation page.

  2. JQL – Type JQL for the issues that you want to recalculate SLA data for.

  3. SLA(s) – Select which SLAs to recalculate data for. Leave it empty to recalculate them all.

  4. Exclude Finished SLAs – Tick this box to exclude completed SLAs from the recalculation.

  5. Start – Click to start the recalculation.

  6. Recalculation Requests – You can watch the progress and status of your recalculation from this table.

Next Steps