Creating SLA Notifications

This page is about Time to SLA for Jira Cloud. Using Jira On-Prem? Click the On-Prem button above.

Time to SLA provides a myriad of simple ways to track your SLAs, but you may still need a bit more assistance.

You may want to warn your team before an SLA is breached, for example, to get them to work on that issue and keep your service quality high. If an SLA is breached, you may also want to remind people after the date and keep reminding them until they complete the task.

Time to SLA can send notifications to the right people at the right time. Click the bell icon on the SLAs page to Before diving into the functionalities, let’s take a look at the Notifications page:

Notifications Overview


  1. Trigger When – Displays when the notification will be sent.

  2. Repeat – Displays whether the notifications will be repeated or not, and if so, how often.

  3. Action – Indicates whether the notification will be sent via Slack or email.

  4. Applied Goals – Shows which goals have this notification set.

  5. Is Global Notifier? – Tick this box to have the notification settings applied to all of your SLAs.

  6. Add New SLA Notification – Click to add a new SLA notification.

  7. Edit – Click to edit an SLA notification.

  8. Clone – Click to clone an SLA notification.

  9. Delete – Click to delete an SLA notification. This process is irreversible.

  10. Associate with goals – Associate notifications with as many JQLs as you want.

In cases where you have more than one JQL, you can associate notifications with as many as you want by using the handy Associate with goals option on the Notifications page.

Next Steps

We learned what everything on the Notifications page means. In the following steps, we will learn how to configure a notifier for an SLA.