SLA Issue Actions

This page is about Time to SLA for Jira Cloud. Using Jira On-Prem? Click the On-Prem button above.

Depending on your use case, you may want to perform issue-specific actions that won't require you to change the configuration for all of your SLAs. Time to SLA’s Issue Actions enables you to do just that.

Time to SLA Issue Actions Overview

You can access the Issue Actions menu from all of your SLAs. To locate it, go to any of your issues, and click the icon on top of the Details section.

Click Time to SLA Issue Actions, and you’ll be greeted with the popup shown below. Click the Actions button on the top left corner to see your options.

From the dropdown menu, you can select these actions:

  1. Reset SLA – Click to reset the issue at a time of your choosing. This operates differently from the Reset SLA condition, and the reset options you select here won't affect the SLA configurations you selected beforehand.

  2. Undo Reset SLA – Click to undo the reset action. This won’t affect the SLA Reset conditions you may have selected on the SLA configurations page.

  3. Where is my SLA? – This handy action allows you to see the reason why you’re not seeing the SLA Panel on your issues.

  4. Recalculate SLA – This allows you to recalculate the SLA data for the issue you’re having trouble with without going to the Recalculation page.

  5. Mute SLA – This allows you to mute SLA notifications set by the SLA notifier.


Except for Mute SLA, all of these actions are issue-specific! Using them won’t affect any other issues or their SLAs.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve learned the possibilities of the Issue Actions, let’s explore how you can use each one of them.