How to set the original description in the cloned issue using Clone Plus for Jira app

This article explains how to set the description in a cloned issue to be same as that of the original issue from which the ticket is cloned, using the Clone Plus for Jira app. 


  1. Log into Jira as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Settings> Manage apps > Clone Plus for Jira and select the relevant modules as shown:

  3. Click Configure to open the Clone Plus for Jira Configuration properties page.

  4. Click the Edit tab.

  5. Add the following clone-plus properties. The property, set.description = %original_description%, will set the description on the cloned issue to be same as the description on the original issue. 

    # Property for clone + operation. 
    1.condition.*.*.* = true
    1.label = my-Clone+
    1.set.description = %original_description%
  6. Click Make Active.

  7. Create an issue with a description and click More, select my-Clone+ operation as shown:

  8. Once the Clone+ operation is performed on the issue, the cloned issue description will be set as per the original issue's description as shown below: