How to clone an epic having JSU Field Required Validator in a workflow

This article explains how to clone an epic having the JSU Field Required Validator in a bug workflow using the app, Clone Plus for Jira.


To clone an epic with all its issues in the same project:

  1. Consider an epic with a subtask and 157 associated issues containing stories(118), bugs(38), and service request(1) as displayed in the following image:  These are random numbers and are just to show an example. The bug has a different workflow and it has the JSU Field Required Validator. 

  2. Create a separate Jira Workflow for the Bug issue type as shown:

  3. Add a JSU Field Required validator for the custom field Field version of type single-line text field, by editing Bug workflow and click on Publish.

  4. As per the screenshot in step 1, the first four Bug issues do not have the Field version custom field and the remaining issues have it.

    To ignore/bypass the JSU Field Required Validator on Bug workflow as per the example, provide the below conditions in Clone plus properties file.

  5. To ignore/bypass the JSU Field Required Validator on Bug workflow, use the set.customfield and ignoreFields as shown below in Clone plus properties file
    1. Enable the module Clone+ (custom 1) and configure the Clone plus properties file as below:

    2. Here the custom field 13610 is for reference. 

  6. Perform the clone operation with the following clone options selected:

  7. Please find the below gif where all the issues got cloned to a new epic from source epic.

  • It is recommended to test this scenario in a non-production environment before implementing it in production.