How to set priority while cloning an issue using Clone+ and Clone++

This article explains how to set priority while cloning the issue using Clone+ (custom1) or Clone++ (custom1) options. Only an administrator can modify clone+ and clone++ configurations.


  1. Navigate to Settings> Manage apps > Clone Plus for Jira as an administrator and click the link as shown:
  2. Navigate to Settings > Manage Apps > BOB SWIFT CONFIGURATION > Clone Plus > Edit and edit the Clone Plus for Jira Configuration properties file:
  3. Add the configurations as shown below and click Make Active.

    # This file needs to be put in the user configured jira home directory
    1.condition.*.*.* = true
    1.label = Custom1+
    1.set.priority= 4*.*.*= true Custom1++ 5
  4. Go to the issue you want to clone (TEST-1, for example).

  5. Click More. Please note Priority is Medium for this issue.

  6. Perform the Clone+ operation. The result is shown below as an example:

  7. Perform the same for Clone++ operation.

    For the Clone++ operation, check the Priority of the issue as shown below: