Getting Started With Customization

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This will provide an example of how to provide a customize clone operation. You must be a JIRA Administrator to do customization. If you are on at least release 3.1, you can configure customization via the Configuration user interface. Prior to release 3.1, you will also need access to the JIRA installation server file system.  You should do this on a test environment before moving to production! Both the default clone plus operations and specialized clone plus operations can be customized.

We recommend just doing a simple customization on the default clone plus operations to set fieldExcludes and leave all other customization to the specialized operations. In your environment, it is likely there are a bunch of custom fields that should NOT be copied when cloning issues. It is easy to exclude them by adding a global fieldExcludes line in your If necessary this can be extended or overridden on a specific custom action.

Start simple

Start by doing a simple customization following the steps below and one of the examples on this page. Once you are comfortable with the process, you can look at the detail documentation for all the customization possibilities: Clone properties



This example properties file defines two custom clone operations. See Clone properties for more information.

# Example property file for Clone Plus
# More details are available in the Administrator Guide:

## Custom 1

# Show this operation for all projects, issue types and status
1.condition.*.*.*.* = true

# Enable Bulk Clone
1.bulkClone = true

# Restrict clone operation to support and administrators
1.role.* = Support, Administrators

# Names that show to users
1.label = Escalate to Engineering
1.tooltip = Creates a task for Engineering

# Set default clone options
1.option.copyAttachments = true
1.option.copyWatchers = false
1.option.copyWorklogs = hide

# Set clone options available for fields
1.option.copycustomfield_11060 = true
1.option.copysummary = false
1.option.copyfixVersions = true
1.option.copycomponents = false
1.option.copyduedate = true
1.option.copyassignee = false
1.option.copytimeestimate = true
1.option.copysecurity = false

# Set target project
1.project.*.*.* = ZCLONE

# Set project category
1.condition.*.*.*.newcategory = true

## Custom

# Show this operation for all issues of type bug (id = 1) or task (3)*.1.*.* = true*.3.*.* = true = true

# Restrict clone operation so administrators* = Administrators

# Names that show to users = Clone for administrators = Custom clone operation

# Map issue type to default to a task (id = 3)*.*.* = 3

# Set fields = Clone of issue with summary: %original_summary%

# Set default clone options = true = false = hide