How to exclude fields from being copied to the clone


By default clone operations copy all custom fields from the source issue to the clone. There are many cases where this is not desirable for some custom fields. This describes how to exclude some custom fields or system fields from being copied.


  1. Check to see if you already have a file in your home directory. If not, create it.
  2. Add lines similar to the following where you provide a comma separated list of custom field names or ids that you want to exclude from copying

    # Custom fields not to copy to cloned issue. Default is no fields excluded.
    # This is a comma separated list of exact field names or field id (like customfield_10100).
    # Double quote names containing a comma.
    fieldExcludes = custom2, custom three, Sprint
  3. This will apply to both the Clone + and Clone ++ provided by the plugin
  4. If you also have customized clone actions, then each of the customized actions control the fieldExcludes that apply to the custom action in a many similar manner
  5. If you want to use the same list of custom fields to exclude in the customized action then do something similar to the example below


# Customization for clone 1 action
# Exclude fields from the global list and add another field to exclude for the custom action
1.fieldExcludes = ${fieldExcludes}, "some other custom field"