How to customize - JSP customization to control fields

Advanced customization

This should only be used by experienced administrators who are familiar with JSP programming.

Ignore fields

In most cases, using the ignoreFields capability documented in Clone properties is sufficient for most use cases requiring field control. Therefore JSP customization can be avoided.

JSPs to be discontinued

Future versions of Clone Plus for Jira will not support JSPs. See and watch JCPP-139 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


By default, the fields that show on the clone issue details screen are from the create issue screen with some fields hidden based on other customization options. This page documents a technique to explicitly list the fields that show up for a clone operation. This can be used with a custom clone operations (see other information) or to replace the default clone plus details jsp (be careful!).


  1. Make a copy of the cloneplus-details.jsp
  2. Edit the jsp
  3. Find the issuefields.jsp section
  4. Comment out that section
  5. Insert something like the following customized for the fields to be displayed

    <%-- A customization alternative is to add fields individually --%>
    <%-- Comment out the issuefields.jsp section and replace with custom set similar to the following --%>
    <ww:property value="/fieldScreenRenderLayoutItem('summary')/createHtml(/, /, /issueObject)" escape="'false'" />
    <ww:property value="/fieldScreenRenderLayoutItem('assignee')/createHtml(/, /, /issueObject)" escape="'false'" />
    <ww:property value="/fieldScreenRenderLayoutItem('fixVersions')/createHtml(/, /, /issueObject)" escape="'false'" />
    <ww:property value="/fieldScreenRenderLayoutItem('priority')/createHtml(/, /, /issueObject)" escape="'false'" />
    <ww:property value="/fieldScreenRenderLayoutItem('duedate')/createHtml(/, /, /issueObject)" escape="'false'" />
    <ww:if test="applicationProperties/option('jira.option.timetracking') == true">
    <ww:property value="/fieldScreenRenderLayoutItem('timetracking')/createHtml(/, /, /issueObject)" escape="'false'" />
    <ww:property value="/fieldScreenRenderLayoutItem('description')/createHtml(/, /, /issueObject)" escape="'false'" />