How to exclude the sprint field while cloning an issue

This article explains how you can exclude a sprint value while cloning an issue using the Clone Plus for Jira app.


Enable the custom modules of the Clone Plus for Jira app and update the properties file with the relevant property to exclude the sprint field. Refer to this article to enable the custom modules.

  1. Edit the configuration file of the Clone Plus for Jira app. Navigate to the property file as follows:

    1. Log in to Jira as an administrator.
    2. Click Cog menu  > Manage apps.
    3. Click Clone Plus from the left sidebar and click Edit in the Clone plus properties tab.
  2. Add the fieldExcludes= Sprint property to the configuration file as per the custom modules that are enabled in your instance. See the following example:

    #using clone +
    1.condition.*.*.* = true
    1.label = <some name>
    1.fieldExcludes= Sprint
    #using clone++*.*.* = true<some name>++ Sprint

The sprint value on the Clone issue screen is not displayed and the field is not copied to the newly cloned issue once the fieldExcludes= Sprint property is added to the configuration file.

  • This scenario does not work with the native clone+ and clone++ modules of the app. Instead, use the custom clone operations for extended clone operations.
  • If you have edit permission to an issue, you can update the sprint value after the issue creation.