How to customize Clone+ and Clone++ operations for a specific project using Clone Plus for Jira app

This article explains how to customize the Clone+ and Clone++ operations for the specific project(s) using the property file.


  1. Log into Jira as an administrator. 
  2. Navigate to > Add-ons > Manage apps > Clone Plus for Jira and select the relevant modules.

  3. Disable the default Clone+ and Clone++ options and enable the following custom Clone options:

    1. Clone+ (custom1) and Clone++ (custom1)

    2. Clone+ (custom2) and Clone++ (custom2)

    3. Clone+ (custom3) and Clone++ (custom3)

      Clone+ and Clone++ are the modules enabled by default when you install the app, and these labels are not editable.

  4. Click Configure to open the Configure Clone Plus Properties page.
  5. Click the Edit tab to add the following clone-plus properties:

    Show this action only for DEMO and AMTEST project with all issue types, and status for clone+ and clone++ respectively.
    // Represents for Clone+ (custom2)
    1.label = Only DEMO Project
    1.condition.DEMO.*.* = true	
    // Represents for Clone++ (custom2) = DEMO Project Clone++*.* = true	
    // Represents for Clone+ (custom2)
    2.label = Only AMTEST Project
    2.condition.AMTEST.*.* = true	
    // Represents for Clone++ (custom2) = AMTEST Project Clone++*.* = true	
  6. Click Make Active.

You can now see the configured labels in the More option.

  • Output in DEMO project:

  • Output in AMTEST project:

  • It is recommended to test this scenario in a non-production environment before implementing it in production.