Set Parent Link custom field using Clone Plus for Jira

This article explains how to set a custom field value for Parent Link using the Clone+(custom1) or Clone++(custom1) options when the Parent Link value is not set in the original issue. The Parent Link custom field is available if the Portfolio for Jira app is installed.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Manage Apps > Select Clone Plus app and enable the custom clone options as in the below screenshot.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Manage Apps > BOB SWIFT CONFIGURATION > Clone Plus > Edit and edit the Clone Plus configuration properties file.

  3. Add the configurations as shown below and click Make Active:*.*.* = true = Custom Clone++ = customfield_10302 = %original_key%
    1.condition.*.*.* = true
    1.label = Custom Clone+
    1.ignoreFields = customfield_10302
    1.set.customfield_10302 = %original_key%
  4. Perform custom Clone+ or custom Clone++ operations.
While performing custom Clone++ operation, make sure that the Parent Link custom field is available in the source and target projects.