The basics on how to Configure and Customize Operations in Clone Plus for Jira Server/DC

Clone Plus for Jira is a powerful app that offers default and custom clone operations to clone issues in Jira. The app supports two default clone operations, Clone+ and Clone++, which you cannot rename. The app also provides 16 custom clone operations, eight each for Clone+ and Clone++, which Jira administrators can customize and rename. In this article, we will guide you how to customize the clone operations to suit your requirements.


  1. Enabling and Disabling Modules
    The Jira administrator can enable or disable the required clone operations (modules) in the Manage apps section. Once a module is enabled, it will be available for your users.

  2. Customizing the Behavior of Clone Operations
    After enabling a module, the Jira administrator can customize the behavior of the Clone+ and Clone++ operations. The configuration properties starting with 2.x are relevant for Clone+ (custom 2), and properties beginning with are appropriate for Clone++ (custom 2). You can use the same notation to customize the default Clone+ and Clone++ operations without prefixes.
    For more details on the file configuration, refer the Clone Properties page.

  3. Using the Customized Clone Operations
    The Jira administrator must enable the respective modules in the Manage apps section to use the customized clone operations. Once the modules are enabled, the custom clone operations will appear in the More drop-down list of an issue. The default clone operation, Clone+ and Clone++, can also be used by configuring their properties without number prefixes.

  4. Adding a New Custom Clone Operation
    The Clone Plus for Jira allows you to add up to 16 custom clone operations. To add a new custom clone operation, enable the desired module in the Manage Apps section, and add the required properties using the prefix of the unique operation number. For example, to add Clone++ (custom 8), enable its module and add the necessary properties using the prefix The new custom clone operation will be shown in the More drop-down list of an issue.


Using the customized clone operations can significantly improve the functionality and efficiency of the app. The Jira administrators can add up to 16 custom clone operations and tailor the features of app to suit their specific needs.