How to limit target projects and issue types using Clone Plus for Jira app

This article explains how to limit projects and issue types using the Clone Plus for Jira app on a server/datacenter instance.


  1. Log into Jira as an Administrator. 

  2. Navigate to > Add-ons > Manage apps > Clone Plus for Jira and select relevant modules:

  3. Click Configure to configure the Clone Plus Properties page:

  4. Click the Edit tab to add the following clone-plus properties:

    # Shows clone + option only for AK project*.* = true
    # Includes the targets projects to be shown on Clone + , AK1_JSD, QA
    # Includes the issue types to be shown on Clone +  Bug, New Feature, Improvement, Prohibited,
    # Restrictions applied only to Administrators* = Administrators
    # Label visible to users in the dropdown = Clone++ (custom1)
    # Tooltip visible to the customer = Creates Clone +

  5. Click Make Active

    You can now see the configured labels under the More option.

    • Output in AK1 project:
    • Output for Target project and Target issue type while cloning is as follows:

  • This scenario does not work with the native clone+ and clone++ modules of the app. Instead, use the custom clone operations for extended clone operations.
  • It is recommended to test this scenario in a non-production environment before implementing it in production.