How to copy field values from one field to another using Clone+ and Clone++ operations

This article explains how to copy field values from one field to another field using Clone+ and Clone++ operations.


  1. Log in to Jira as an Administrator. 
  2. Navigate to > Manage apps > Clone Plus for Jira and click the link as shown:
  3. Enable the Clone+ and Clone++ (custom1) Clone option.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Manage Apps > BOB SWIFT CONFIGURATION > Clone Plus > Edit and edit the Clone Plus for Jira Configuration properties file:

  5. Add the following clone-plus properties:

    #For Clone+
    1.condition.*.*.* = true
    1.label = Custom1+
    #For system fields
    1.ignoreFields = description
    1.set.description = %original_description%
    #For custom fields
    1.fieldExcludes = customfield_10801
    1.set.customfield_10801 = %original_customfield_10800%
    #For Clone++*.*.* = true Custom1++
    #For system fields = description = %original_description%
    #For custom fields = customfield_10801 = %original_customfield_10800%
  6. Click Make Active to update the Clone Plus properties:

  7. Go to a Jira project, open an Issue TN-1.
  8. From the View Issue screen of TN-1 issue, click More.
    1. In the dropdown, Custom1+ clone plus is shown. Select Custom1+

    2. The output shows, the custom field value is copied from one field to another as shown in the below screenshot:

With the above configuration, you can copy the value from one custom field to another by using Custom1 and Custom1++ operations.