How to customize the menu labels for clone+ and clone++

This article explains how to customize the menu labels for clone+ and clone ++ using the property file.


To customize the labels for custom clone plus actions (Clone+ (custom1), Clone++ (custom1) etc...), perform the following: 

  1. Navigate to Add-ons.
  2. Select the Manage apps section and expand the Clone Plus app.
  3. Click the modules enabled link.

  4. Enable the custom Clone+ (custom1) and the required options for your scenario.
  5. Click Configure to navigate to the Configure Clone Plus Properties page.
  6. Click the Edit section to edit the properties.
  7. Add the following clone-plus properties to the page:

    Labelling of Clone+ (custom1) :

    1.label = Name1

    Labelling of Clone++ (custom1): = Name2
  8. Click Make Active.

Only JIRA Administrators can perform the changes in the configuration file.

You can now see the configured labels in the menu options:

  • Clone+ and Clone++ are the modules enabled by default when you install the app and you cannot modify the labels. 
  • The customized labelling can be done for any custom clone+/clone++ modules as mentioned in this page.
  • Based on the requirement, user can enable or disable the custom clone+ modules.