How to disable copying subtask estimates option for clone operation in Clone Plus for Jira

This article explains how to disable the Copy subtask estimates option for clone operation in the Clone Plus for Jira app.


  1. Log into Jira as an Administrator and navigate to  > Manage apps.
  2. From the left sidebar, select Clone Plus under the BOB SWIFT CONFIGURATION section.

  3. Select the Clone plus properties tab and then Edit.

  4. Add the parameters in configuration properties and click Make Active.
    1. For Clone+ and Clone ++ operation:

      option.copySubtaskEstimates = hide

    2. For Custom1 (Clone + and Clone ++) operations:

      1.option.copySubtaskEstimates = hide = hide

With the above configuration, the Copy subtask estimates option does not appear in Clone options of the Clone issue screen: