How to clone an issue along with its linked issues using Clone Plus for Jira

This article explains how to clone an issue that has linked issues using the custom Clone+ or Clone++ options from the original issue with Clone Plus for Jira.


  1. Go to the Jira issue with the linked issues to be cloned.
  2. Click More > Custom Clone++ from the drop-down. For this example, consider the Custom Clone++ option as that is the label provided in the configuration properties file for the custom1 module. If custom1 is not enabled, you can enable the module as specified in step 4.
  3. Select Copy links on the cloning screen, and click Create.

    You can now see that the linked issues are linked to the newly created issue.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Manage Apps > Clone Plus and enable the custom modules as shown:
  5. Navigate to Settings > Manage Apps > BOB SWIFT CONFIGURATION > Clone Plus. This is the Clone Plus configuration properties file and all the customizations of the app are done here.