How to enable customization for Clone++ option for a specific issue type

This article explains how to customize and enable the Clone++ option for a specific issue type (for example, Task) using the property file.


  1. Log in to Jira as an Administrator. 
  2. Navigate to > Manage apps > Clone Plus for Jira and click the link as shown:

  3. Enable the Clone++ (custom1) Clone option.

  4. Click Configure to open the Configure Clone Plus Properties page.

  5. Click the Edit tab to add the following clone-plus properties:

    # Show this action for all issues of type task (3)*.3.* = true = Custom1_clone++
  6. Click Make Active.

  7. Go to a Jira project, open Task issue type, click More and select Custom1_clone++ as shown below:

    With the above configuration, you can clone the Task issue type only, as the  Custom1_clone++ enables only for the Task issue type.

Make sure to update Task ID as per your Jira instance.