Inline edit


Inline editing lets you quickly update your tasks on the same page instead of jumping between several edit pages. Once you modify a particular field, a change will be instantly reflected on the board, the host platform (your Jira instance currently used), and external platforms (if they are connected). 

Depending on the module structure, inline changes can be made in various areas indicated with a visible frame as presented in the table below. 

Area / Module

Inline editing is available for


Area / Module

Inline editing is available for



Column views (Hierarchy mode & Timeline mode)

A new box in the Overview module


Column views

Adding an assignee in the Gantt module

Gantt chart (task details dialog)

Data → Group tasks


Column views

Data → Group tasks


Task cards

To learn more about customizing Task Cards go to Card view creator.




Task details dialog (Task details)



Workload detailsWorkload contouring

Workload contouring can be edited only in the manual workload mode. Otherwise, it is calculated automatically. The manual workload mode is available for BigPicture Enterprise


Unscheduled tasks panel


Membership period ("Start Date")



Team member "Availability"


Risk cards



Risk table


Calendar view / Dashboard

Upcoming tasks 

Task list



BigPicture Administration

Administration → Resources → Skills

Editable fields

You can edit inline:

  • fields that are synchronized with external platforms

  • BigPicture built-in fields (that can't be synchronized with external platforms), such as "Color"

The following table presents a list of field types that can be edited inline. 

Field type


Field type







"Text single line" type custom fields

“Text multi line” type custom fields

Note: Only simple text can be edited (elements such as tables, lists, or links can’t be managed using inline editing of a text field). Content appears as a single line line - additional formatting of the field content is not possible in BigPicture. Only up to 255 characters are handled by inline editing of a text field.


"Story Points"


"Cost [Eur]"

"Number" type custom fields


"Date Picker" Jira fields

Built-in fields, e.g., "End Date", "Start Date"

Fields where data type = date

Select list (single choice)

"Select list (single choice)" type custom fields


"Labels" type custom fields

User data


Estimation data

"Original Estimate"

"Remaining Estimate"


(changes can be made to column values in the Backlog panel on the right only. Unavailable on Jira Cloud

If Resolution is required by a workflow - inline editing is blocked. 

This applies when Jira workflow displays any extra screen (this typically contains Resolution, but could also be any other field e.g. time spent or version). Even if the screen contains only fields which are not required, a user has to go to Jira to close the task.

"Basic Task status"

Basic Task can have 3 statuses: To-do, In progress, Done. When creating new Basic Task every new task has automatically To-do status. The tasks are not built-in fields in BigPicture, and not integrated with Jira. More information is available in Concept of a field.



BigPicture built-in fields
(can’t be mapped to display values from external tools)


"Duration Working Days"

"Workload Contouring Mode"

"Duration Working Days" can be edited when the "Scheduling Mode" field is set to "Manual" or "Auto top-down". Modifying the value will result in adjusting the "Start Date" and "End Date" fields to new duration in working days. The value cannot be set to "0". BigPicture reverts such a change to the previous value. 

Non-editable fields

There is a group of fields that cannot be edited inline, e.g., the "Team", "Sprint", "Icon", and "URL link" fields.


  1. The inline editing will be disabled when aggregations are selected for a particular column.

  2. Inline editing is possible for fields that can be edited and are not blocked by other settings or factors. As an example, if the "Scheduling Mode" is set to "Locked", you will not be able to edit the "Start Date" and "End Date" fields. 

  3. Inline editing is disabled for fields that are not added to the screen scheme in the Jira project. If the option is enabled, the App verifies if the field is on the project scheme before trying to update the field. If the field is not present on the scheme, then the App does not overwrite it. As a result, the warning message appears about 'Respect Jira screen scheme' and a user should contact a Jira admin to review the project settings.