Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) has ended in February 2024.

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This tab allows you to manage the currently existing Resources of a particular Program, add new ones, and edit all its resource-related data, such as Workload and Holiday plans.





Add resources

Add Jira users as resources and assign them to Workload, Holiday Plans, or define Skills. The list of resources is generated automatically when a Program is created and shows all resources assigned to tasks in the scope of created Programs.


Link to resource detailed view

Detailed view of all Skills / Workload Plans / Holiday Plans / Absences of a selected resource. Use this view to modify the plans and their start/end dates.



Current Workload Plan

The Resource can be assigned to multiple Workload Plans, so the active plan is presented in this section.

Current Holiday Plan

The Resource can be assigned to multiple Holiday Plans, so the active plan is presented in this section.


Current absence with the reason

The current absence period with the absence reason.

Users can add their absences using their "My settings" page.

Current Skill

The currently available skills.

Archive Resource

Archiving resources makes it easier for you to know a resource's status.

To find a particular Resource, click on the column header menu to filter the list of available Resources. You can also sort the list by alphabetical order and vice versa.

There are no limitations for Resource entries

Currently, the list of resources has no number limitation. You can view and manage as many Jira entries as you want.

If you face any performance issues while loading more significant numbers of resources on the list, e.g., 10 000 or more, please contact our Support Team.

Archiving Resources

On the Resource Manager screen, archived resources are hidden by default. Click on the "Archived" column menu and select the "Archived" option to show/hide archived resources.


App Admin can manually archive selected individual resources on the Resource Manager page using the "Archive resource" button on the right.


Archived resources can be manually unarchived (restored).

Impact on Box modules

Archiving resources doesn't have a functional impact. Archiving resources make it easier for you to know the status of a resource, but it won't prevent you from planning their work. 

Archived resources are handled the same way as active ones - archived users can still be added to Boxes and teams. You can assign them tasks, and their workload and capacity will be calculated typically when you assign them tasks.

However, they will be marked as archived in:

Gantt module - Resources panel

Resources module

Teams module

For archived users, it is advised to close their membership period in teams.

Board module

Filtering and Sorting 


You can filter the results based on column information. 


You can sort the results based on column information.