Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) has ended in February 2024.

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Toggle switches

Table of contents:

Respect Jira screen scheme

This toggle switch will NOT stop the App from updating Jira values.

It only prevents you from changing the value in the App when it cannot be adequately reflected in Jira. 

The "Respect Jira screen scheme" toggle switch applies to all fields

Toggle switch off:

Bi-directional sync is not required but will be performed when possible. 

The toggle switch on:

Bi-directional sync is required. When the toggle switch is on, the App lets you change the field value of a task only if it can be reflected in Jira. When a field isn't available for a Jira issue, you can't edit it in BigPicture. 

Exception - Mapped fields

Even when mapped fields cannot be updated by the App (because they haven't been added to the project's Jira screen scheme), you can still edit them in BigPicture. The bi-directional sync isn't required - it's performed when possible.

Save task updates as comments

You can add task updates made using the App as Jira comments. Users can get notifications when a task is updated via the App depending on their Jira settings.

Working with the Gantt module may update multiple dependent tasks with a single operation, resulting in numerous notifications if this option is enabled.

Such updates may also occur when the scope of the box is defined.

Send "Issue updated" notification after task updates

When enabled, the "Issue Updated" notification will be sent to users unless the users do not have permission to send notifications.

If notifications are not configured while this feature is enabled, only admin users will get notified.

Auto recalculation based on the assignee's working days

If a task is assigned to an individual resource, its period will always be automatically calculated based on the assignee’s working days, and the default Working schedule is ignored.

To learn more about absence days, go to Assigning Resources.

Overwrite Jira task data with data from the App

The “Overwrite Jira task data with data from the App” option can be switched on when you change the “Start date” or “End date” to a field different from the one currently used.

As a result, Jira task data is overwritten with data from BigPicture. This action is irreversible.