Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) has ended in February 2024.

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Calendar module


Stay organized and show all your tasks and important dates from all connected platforms using a traditional calendar view.

See the video for a short overview of the Calendar module.

First day of the week

In the 'view' drop-down menu, you can set the first day of the week to be Saturday, Sunday, or Monday:


You can navigate the Calendar by changing the date range or by scrolling when you hover the mouse over the calendar. 

The time you are looking at is indicated at the top:


Date Range


You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate:


Date range navigation allows you to:

  • Go to the current month using the 'Today' button

  • Change year

  • Change month

Full day-specific task list

To see all tasks relevant to a given date, click 'Show all tasks' on the calendar. A pop-up with a task list will appear. 

Move tasks

Tasks can be repositioned on the calendar using a drag-and-drop mechanism.

Keep in mind, depending on the WBS, moving a task can affect other related tasks.

You can also move tasks using the pop-up with a list of all tasks relevant to a given day ('show all tasks' pop-up). When you move the mouse to the right of a task, a clenched fist icon will appear. 

Create tasks


You can use the  shortcut to create a task. 

You can create new tasks directly in the Calendar module. You can create both the basic tasks and connected tool tasks (for example, Jira tasks). 

  1. Click the '+' button.

  2. Select what kind of task you want to add.

  3. Fill in the task details and click 'Create'.

Jira issue:

Basic task:


You can create new tasks using Task Templates. Task templates of a particular Box can be edited and created in Box configuration. Templets can also be inherited based on Box Type settings. 

Edit tasks

To edit a task right-click on it. From the pop-up menu select the 'Edit' option:

  • In the calendar section

  • In the Upcoming tasks section

Inline editing 

You can inline edit fields by double-clicking on an element. 

Delete tasks

To remove a task, right-click on it, then select 'delete' from the pop-up menu:

Quick filters

Quick filters are available in the Calendar module. 

Only the tasks that match the filter are displayed (parent tasks of filtered tasks are hidden if they don't match the filter). 

Search functionality

Search functionality is available in the Calendar module. 

Only the tasks that match the search are displayed (parent tasks of resulting tasks are hidden if they don't match the search).

Jira '.' shortcut

Use of Jira '.' shortcut is enabled. You can select a task and use the shortcut to perform operations. 

Calendar module gaget

You can add a Calendar gadget in Jira to monitor your upcoming tasks.


To unlock the export features, install the BigTemplate App from the Atlassian Marketplace.

You can export your Calendar to a PDF image.

PDF image export requires NodeJS installation. If you do not see the "PDF image" export option, click here for more information.

The exported PDF file will look similar to the one presented below.


Live-sync is available for the Calendar module. It lets you see changes in data without the need to refresh a page. With the live sync, your data will be instantly updated when users update their tasks.