Task details


The Task Details dialog provides general information about a task and the status of the task actions.

The dialog consists of the following sections and fields:

Basic Info

Required skills


Workload contouring

  • Contouring mode

  • Effort mode

  • Distributed Effort

  • Workload Contour, including a mini-view of the Workload and the Remaining capacity shown for the weekly duration of the task

View task details

To view the dialog, click on the taskbar. 

You can expand the view by clicking on the "Expand" icon in the upper right corner of the dialog:

Once expanded, you will see the full view:

Edit task details

Some of the fields in the dialog are editable (inline editing).

The following fields can be edited:

  • Task Start and End date

  • Task Status

  • Team - use the "Find perfect match" icon to look for another perfect match.

  • Assignee - use the "Find perfect match" icon to look for another perfect match

  • Assignee

  • Period mode

  • Original estimate

  • Remaining estimate

  • Story Points

  • Contouring mode

Empty field values

Most of the fields displayed in the dialog can't be left without any value, but there are some for which the values might not be specified. You will see either an "Unassigned" or "Unestimated" text value in such cases.