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Data (Scope module)

Organize tasks

Organize your tasks in ascending or descending order. Tasks are sorted on each level of the hierarchy separately.

Group tasks

The Group tasks option grants you the possibility to sort and organize data using different field values with just a few clicks. To simplify data analysis, the created groups will be marked in colors, both, on the task list and on the timeline indicating the earliest start and the latest date of the tasks in a particular group. 

Activate grouping

Expand the Data drop-down menu and select the Group tasks option.

Next, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • activate grouping elements to create groups
  • define the order of grouping elements
  • specify the color of grouping elements

Coloring groups

The color is reflected in the tree structure (WBS).

To select a color, click on the icon in the Color column:

Deactivate grouping

Method 1: 

  1. Hover the mouse cursor over a group heading.
  2. Click to deactivate a particular grouping.

Method 2: 

  1. Go to Data > Group tasks 
  2. Deactivate grouping by:
    1. adjusting toggle switches
    2. using the Deactivate all button

3. Click Apply to save changes.

Available grouping options

To group using a specific field, make sure it is added as a column using first. 

Multi-level grouping

With the multi-level grouping method, tasks will be counted in each group. The group structure will be based on the active grouping elements. The order of grouping elements (fields) defines the group hierarchy. 

A task cannot be duplicated, which means that a task can belong to a single group only.

Let's have a closer look at the example presented in the picture. 

The tasks were sorted by the Status field and next by Priority. You can collapse/expand the groups. Based on the information displayed, we can see that there are four "lowest" priority tasks in a "To Do" status.

Filter grouped tasks

The grouping functionality can be combined with other filters (such as Search and Quick filters).

Inline edit fields

When the grouping option is enabled, you can inline edit fields. To see changes, refresh the page.

More sorting options

If a field you want to sort by is missing, add it as a column.

You can use both built-in and integration-specific fields.

What can be sorted?

All tasks from integrations (Jira, Trello) can be sorted.

Basic tasks cannot be sorted.

Who is affected?

The 'Organize tasks' command affects all the users, as it has a global impact on the sorting settings.

Security and access

  • Box admin, box editor and box viewer can group tasks. 
  • For box viewer the menu "Data" has only one feature: Group tasks.


If your data seems out of date, you can manually trigger resynchronization. 

Resynchronization might take up to several minutes, during which you and your team can work in read-only mode.

Box data is stored in the App's cache. If the Box is not opened for more than 24 hours, the cache will be automatically cleared, and a full synchronization will be triggered when you open the box.

  • The incremental sync takes into account the last updated timestamp in the task source. If changes are made that do not affect that timestamp (e.g., via direct database edit), they won't be covered with the incremental sync.
  • The sync is performed with a two-stage approach - it runs for each Box but takes into account the last update time of individual tasks.
  • If the last update of a task is known to be the same in the App and the task source, then the incremental sync doesn't run on that task.
  • The incremental sync excludes the same tasks that are excluded from the partial sync (e.g., from Boxes that are closed, have corrupted scope, or are waiting for a full sync).


  1. Try to reload the page first and wait a few seconds.
  2. Go to Data and click Resynchronize.
  3. A green checkmark indicates that resynchronization is complete.

More information on Box synchronization can be found here.

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