Hierarchy mode

The Boxes in Hierarchy mode are represented in a table showing a hierarchy of Boxes and their attributes.

When a filter is applied, and upper-level Boxes do not fit the filter criteria, they will be greyed out and still shown on the list.

Box hierarchy

The Box hierarchy is displayed next to the name column and consists of Program type > Program Increment type > Iteration. Using drag-and-drop, you can move Boxes up and down the hierarchy (you have to 'grab' a task on the left end of the item line). 

Using drag and drop, you can easily organize Boxes into, for example, portfolios:

Editing Boxes

Using the right-click menu, Box admins can change the status of the Box, delete a Box, or duplicate the configuration.

Link to the first enabled module in the Box configuration.

The Box leader has access to the configuration of the Program-type Box by default. Clicking on the Link will redirect you to the user details page.

The Program leader role can be assigned to a Project Manager or a Project Sponsor.


Mark the Box as a favorite to find it later easily. The list of favorite Boxes is unique to each user. 

Working with filters

If you see an empty box, please check the enabled filters in the top right corner. Active filters are marked with an orange dot.