Workload details


Click on the Workload details or Remaining Capacity cells to display a pop-up containing detailed information about all allocated workload resulting from the tasks in a given period.

You can change the aggregation (daily, weekly, monthly, by timeboxes). 

This detailed view works in both Time tracking (Original and Remaining estimate), and Story points effort modes. The pop-up appears whenever you click on any Workload or Remaining capacity cell within:

  • individual resource lane,

  • team resource lane,

  • summary lane,

  • unassigned lane.

Workload formula

The table in the pop-up shows all tasks that contribute to the "Total workload" calculated using the following formula:

Total workload = Sum of all estimates of the assigned tasks.

*Workload values are presented in hours

The following rules apply:

  • If the task is overdue (the end date < current date), only the Logged work (Spent time) will be added to the Total workload.

  • If the task has not started yet (the start date > current date), only the Remaining estimate will be added to the Total workload.

For example:

Angela is working full time (40h/w) and is assigned three tasks, but only BPV-21 and BPV-2 have time estimates. The Total workload during week 22 is 49.8h+8.6h=58.4h. As the weekly capacity is 40h, the Remaining capacity is 40h-58.4h=-18.6h

Tasks with workload = 0 are displayed in the workload details dialog to signal to the user that some tasks still need estimation.

Pop-up box resizing

You can change the size of the pop-up box to make working with workload details easier. 

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