Unscheduled tasks panel


Unscheduled tasks are:

  • Tasks without start and end dates defined

  • Tasks with one date (start or end date defined)

Such tasks are easily available from the “Unscheduled tasks” sidebar in the Resources module for better management.

The “Unscheduled tasks” sidebar is available from the 8.19 version of BigPicture.

View unscheduled tasks

To see unscheduled tasks, open the sidebar on the right.

Available columns

The following columns are available in the “Unscheduled tasks” sidebar:

  • Key

  • Summary

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Assignee

  • Original Estimate

You can find tasks quickly with the search box functionality. The search box operates in two modes:

  • Text search

  • JQL search

Inline edit

You can quickly make changes (e.g., add dates, change an assignee, modify a summary) with inline editing.

Schedule tasks

To schedule tasks, you can:

Method 1:

  1. Drag a task onto the grid.

  1. Make changes if necessary.

  2. To confirm, click “Schedule”.

Dates cannot be added to parent tasks set to Auto bottom-up scheduling mode. Warning appears as parent’s dates depend on the dates of its subtasks.


Method 2:

Double-click and complete the missing dates.