How to Apply a Cloud Promo Code

Marketplace app vendors (formally known as Marketplace Partners) may offer promo codes from time to time for their cloud apps. Site Admins can redeem promo codes directly within their cloud site either via the Promotions section of the Apps dropdown menu or via the in-app Marketplace experience.

Please note applying promo codes to certain cloud purchases, like conversions from monthly to annual (and vice-versa) and direct-buy orders, will require assistance from Atlassian.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply a promo code in the Atlassian Cloud.


Before proceeding, ensure you meet the following prerequisites:

  • You have access to an Atlassian Cloud account.

  • You possess a valid promo code that matches the billing type of your Atlassian account (Monthly or Annual).

How to Apply a Promo Code

Follow these steps to apply a promo code in the Atlassian Cloud:

  1. Navigate to Settings from any page.

  2. Scroll about halfway down the page to locate the Atlassian Marketplace section.

  3. Click Promotions.

  4. Apply the promotion code.

  5. Enter the Promotion Code, and click Apply Promotion Code once it has been accepted.


If you encounter any issues during the promo code application, refer to the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Error: Invalid Promotion Code

    • Fix: Ensure the code is typed correctly with no extra spaces at the beginning or end.

  • Error: Invalid Promotion Code

    • Fix: Ensure that you have the trial enabled. It can be expired, but you need to have a SEN & License EN in the UPM.

  • Error: This code is valid, but you don’t have the required App

    • Fix: If you previously added the app manually, you will need to download the app again.

  • Error: This code is valid, but you don’t have the required App

    • Fix: Download the required app.

Please take note of the expiration date of the discount, which will be displayed on the promo page. This will allow you to anticipate when the adjusted rate will revert to the regular rate.

These troubleshooting steps should help address common issues encountered when applying promo codes in Atlassian Cloud. For more details, check out the Jira documentation.