PowerBI Integration with Time to SLA

This page is about Time to SLA for Jira Cloud.

The combination of Power BI Connector for Jira and Time to SLA presents a powerful opportunity to enhance your data analysis capabilities. This guide will walk you through the process of integrating Power BI with Time to SLA, enabling you to gain valuable insights into your organization's performance.


Step 1: Create a Token

The configuration is done in two steps. First, you need to create a token on the Time to SLA app. Then, using the Power BI Connector app, you’ll create a data source for it.

To learn how to create a token, click here.

Step 2: Add the Token

  1. Open the Power BI Connector plugin.

  2. From the side menu, click Tokens.

  3. Select the Time to SLA tab.

  4. Enter the token.

  5. Click Validate & Save.

From now on, all users who were granted permission to work with the Connector can select Time to SLA fields for export.

Step 3: Create a Data Source

  1. From the side menu, click Connectors.

  2. Click Create a Data Source.

  3. Select the Time to SLA tab.

  4. Give your connector a name, and optionally, a description.

  5. Select all issues, or use filters or JQL to narrow down the issues.

  6. Select the fields you want to see.

  7. Click Save.

After saving the data source, you can create various reports to fit all of your needs.