Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is has ended in February 2024.

Are you planning a migration to Cloud? Make sure you don't lose your BigPicture data/configurations in the process. Check out this page for information on how to migrate BigPicture's data to Cloud. If you have any questions please email

Timeline mode

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The Timeline mode, besides the list of Boxes, provides a timeline on which all your Boxes will be presented in a task-like way. Here, you can show the Box hierarchy on both, the list and the timeline. Using drag and drop you can change the start and end dates of your Boxes.

The mini-map will help you in navigating and finding when which of your Projects and Initiatives represented by Boxes are about to start or are already in progress. 

View options

Enable horizontal and vertical lines on both the timeline and the list to easily distinguish between different Boxes and their dates.

  • Gridlines

    • Vertical - depending on the scale will mark days, weeks, months, and years.

    • Horizontal

  • Hierarchy lines

    • Vertical

    • Horizontal

  • Labels - select the position of the task label:

    • Hidden

    • On the taskbar

    • Next to the taskbar

  • Period warnings

  • Archived Boxes

Period warnings

When period warnings are visible, the mismatch of a parent-child period Boxes is indicated in orange on the Gantt chart:

Collapse and Expand all Boxes

Click the collapse icon in the Name column or at any level of the Box hierarchy to quickly view the high-level information only (main Box level) or expand all sub-Boxes to achieve the maximum level of detail.


Navigate through all your Boxes using the mini-map. Click on the map to adjust the main timeline.

The Main Box is in manual mode which means that you can extend it or shorten it as required (currently there is no validation).

The Boxes in this mode are represented as bars just like on a Gantt chart and a "top-down" mode is used for the sub-Boxes. This means that lower-level boxes can not exceed the parent's period.

Box actions

In this mode, you can move or resize your Boxes using drag and drop. 

Depending on your security role some operations might be disabled - to learn more go to Box security article.

If at least one sub-Box is in Closed status you will not be able to change its period. Moving the upper-level Box will not move the sub-Boxes in that case.

Move and resize

The Box period is shaded yellow when adjusted (moving or resizing) and the grid lines will help you find the exact dates:

Editing Boxes

Right-click to open the Box dialog using which you can change the status of the Box, edit the Box information or delete it.