Overview configuration


  • Click the "wrenchicon at the top right and select "Modules" from the drop-down list. Next, go to the "Overview" tab.

Box scope aggregation

Set the time interval in which the App will re-calculate Box scope aggregations.

Those settings will affect Boxes with auto scope-based period mode. 

Box auto-archiving

Use this function if many Boxes in the App are not in use anymore – it might significantly improve the App's performance. An archived Box will be, by default, hidden in the Overview module, making it easier to manage your current work without it getting in the way. Aggregations are no longer calculated for such a Box.

A Box is archived only if the whole cluster/branch hasn't been used for some time. For example, when nobody entered the "Own" scope Box for a specific time, but someone entered its sub-Boxes, the Box (and all its sub-boxes) are NOT automatically archived.

Managing the functionality





The toggle switch lets you activate/deactivate the functionality.

The entire App is affected (all Boxes). 

Define how long the period of inactivity needs to be to trigger auto-archiving.

Check which Boxes are going to be archived

You can go to the "Overview" module of the Home (root) Box and use the "Inactive for" column to see when the Box was last used.


Closed Boxes are not automatically archived. If one Box in a cluster is "closed," none of the Boxes can be archived since they need to get archived simultaneously. 

Restoring Boxes

Archived Boxes have to be restored manually