Kanban mode


Kanban mode is primarily used to change the status of your Boxes, which are represented as tiles. Depending on a Box type, this might be a start of a new Initiative or a new Iteration or a new Program increment etc. In Kanban mode only sub-Boxes located directly under the context parent are visible.

Use the Box switcher allows you to always easily navigate the hierarchy.


For example, in the Home (root) Box you can see direct sub-Boxes only - their children are not visible. The  "PI Planning" Box is visible and its status can be changed using drag and drop (or using the right-click menu), but its sub-Boxes can't be accessed on this level of a Kanban board:

As the "PI Planning" Boxes has to levels of sub-Boxes (Program Increments and Iteration type):


When you go to the Overview module of  one of the sub-Boxes (in this case, "PI Planning"), once again, you can manage Program Increment children/sub-Boxes one level below:


When you go to a sub-Box (in this case, a Project Increment), once again, you can manage Iteration children/sub-Boxes one level below.

If no sub-Boxes exist below the current level, you'll see the "There's nothing to display" message:


All standard filtering options are available in the Kanban view; however, since only the direct sub-Boxes of the context parent are visible, some filters might not show any results in case nothing on lower levels of the hierarchy can be found.  

For example, when Boxes consist of Program Increments type and Iterations type Boxes which aren't nested directly in the Home (root) Box (they are located several levels deep within the Box hierarchy) and you try to filter by "Iteration" type, nothing will come up, as there are no "Iteration" Boxes in my Home (root) Box.

This restriction applies only to the Kanban view.

Changing Box status

You can change a Box status by:

  • moving it to a different column in the Kanban Board (drag-and-drop) 

  • right-clicking on a card (any place that is not a link) and selecting a Status radio button in the pop-up menu

The status of a Project Increment or Iteration (sub-Boxes) can be changed in Roadmap and Board modules or in the Box configuration > Tasks > Scope definition.

When you change a Box status to "Closed" its sub-Boxes are also closed.

Box description

In this mode, besides basic Box information, you can see a Box description - an additional field which can be used to describe content of the Box or its purpose. You can add the description only in Box configuration; you can't add it when using short Box creation steps. When you hover your mouse over it, a pop-up displays the text in its entirety. 

Favorite Boxes

Just like in the Hierarchy mode, you can mark your Box as favorite. You can use the links to access modules of a Box etc.

Box ID

Click the Box ID to easily copy it and use it when with your JQL queries or to configure the Box synchronization.

Time passed indication

At the bottom of a Box card, you can see a Progress bar. Progress is based on a Box duration. It is calculated as follows: time from the start date till today divided by a Box duration. A Progress bar is displayed regardless of the Box status. 

For example:

  • A Box start date is set to 2020/Aug/ 1

  • End date is set to 2020/Aug/ 31

  • Today is 2020/Aug/25

  • Progress = 25 divided by 31 = 81% 

Editing Boxes

Right-click a Box card to open a Box pop-up menu to:

  • edit a Box 

  • delete a Box

  • access configuration